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The Plants of the Gods: Hallucinogens, Healing, Culture and Conservation

“Plants of the Gods: Hallucinogens, Healing, Culture and Conservation” is a new and unique podcast focusing on the hallucinogenic plants and fungi whose impact on world culture and religion – and healing potential - is only now beginning to be appreciated as never before.

Feb 21, 2024

In this season finale of Plants of the Gods, join host Dr. Mark Plotkin as we learn about everything mushrooms, which are truly having a moment! Drawing from an article he published in HerbalGram, Dr. Plotkin provides an overview of how our daily lives are transformed by fungi, in the past, present and the future. From Pink Floyd to hit TV show “The Last of Us”, from magic mushrooms to our favorite dishes, we wrap up season five with learning about the ways fungi continue to shape our story.